Padgate Medical Centre

Padgate Medical Centre, 12 Station Road South, Padgate, Warrington

Telephone: 01925 815333

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LGBTQ+ Health & Wellbeing

Our Practice Nurse, Lauren, is our LGBTQIA+ champion. She is able to act as an advocate for anyone needing support.

We welcome all patients, and celebrate the diversity of our community. We strive to ensure that all patients are equally valued and respected and oppose any form of discrimination.

We do not accept racism, homophobia or transphobia towards patients, staff or members of our community. We value all our staff and patients of all backgrounds.

We are a Safe Surgery, committed to taking steps to tackle the barriers faced by many LGBTQIA+ patients in accessing healthcare. This practice believes in fairness and equality, and above all, values diversity. All staff have ongoing equality and diversity training and our equality and diversity policies are reviewed annually.

If you have any concerns we will listen and take action where needed; we will ensure that the communities we serve are involved in planning and decision making; and we will work hard to address any disparity or difference in how you experience the NHS as a patient or a member of the practice team.

If there’s something we haven’t got right, please contact the practice to discuss it further.

Below are some helpful links and signposting for support and guidance.