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2 week wait referrals

What is an urgent referral?

If your GP has arranged for you to have tests or to see a hospital doctor (specialist) urgently, this may be to investigate your symptoms further. You might have some tests to find out what is wrong and whether or not it could be cancer.

How quickly will I be seen?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may have to wait longer for your appointment. Some of the UK nations have targets around how quickly you would normally be seen, but there may be delays at this time.

In England, an urgent referral means that you should see a specialist within 2 weeks.

Please contact 01925 662744 if you have not heard about your referral in 2 weeks

Does this mean I have cancer?

It is normal to worry when you are urgently referred to see a specialist by your GP. However, more than 9 in every 10 people (90%) referred this way will not be diagnosed with cancer.

Please see link below for more useful information:

Your urgent referral explained