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Cancer Rehabilitation Programme

In partnership with LiveWire and St Rocco’s Hospice, we run a cancer/live limiting illness support programme called ‘We’re Positive’.

‘We’re Positive’ consists of two programmes that aim to offer physical and psychological support to people throughout various stages of their treatment.

Find out more about the programmes:

1. Cancer Rehabilitation Programme – positive through treatment

This six week programme (one session per week) has been designed to support you and your family, to support you though your treatment and/or recovery from surgery.

Each two hour session is held at Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, Jubilee Way, Winwick Road, Warrington, WA2 8HE

2. Palliative Enablement Support Programme – Living as well as you can for as long as you can

This six week programme (one session per week) is designed to support those who are living with a life-limiting illness/terminal diagnosis such as COPD, heart failure or cancer, where no further treatment is available or desired.

Each two hour session is held at St Rocco’s Hospice, Lockton Lane, Bewsey, Warrington, WA5 0BW

What is involved in the programmes?

The programmes include a range of tailored exercise sessions, relaxation techniques, occupational therapy, benefits advice, mindful eating advice and help with regulating emotions.

National guidance states that rehabilitation is an integral part of high quality cancer care so our programmes have been designed to enable patients to maximise the outcomes of their treatment.

It has been proven that taking part in light exercise can help minimise some of the side effects of treatment such as fatigue, breathlessness, lymphoedema, anxiety, loss of muscle strength and poor appetite.

What are the benefits of taking part in the programme?

Some of the benefits we expect you experience are by taking part in either course:

  • You will be better informed about your condition
  • You will have access to health promotion and self-help techniques
  • You will receive physical and psychological support from skilled professionals
  • You will be helped to maximise your physical, psychological and functional capacity
  • You will have access to tailored exercise to improve your fitness and sense of well-being
  • You will receive information on services available to help you – including benefits advice, MacMillan Services and local voluntary support organisations
  • You will have the chance to meet other people and realise you are ‘not alone’
  • You will have support available for your family/carer if desired
  • You will have the opportunity to feedback on your treatment and shape future services for Warrington patients

How can I register?

Your GP, including hospital GP, Cancer Specialist Nurse or other Health Professional involved in your care can refer you to the programme appropriate for your individual needs.

It is also possible to take part on a self-referral basis so if you or a loved one have been diagnosed or is receiving treatment for either cancer or another long term illness, then call 0300 003 0818 or email: lifestyles@livewirewarrington.org

Who to contact

0300 003 0818

Where to go

St Rocco’s Hospice
Lockton Lane