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Social Prescriber



Cameron Woodward – Social Prescribing Link Worker

Social prescribing means that you can get specialist support for more than just medical issues. A social prescriber will help you have more control over your health and will focus on what matters to you most. They can support you in accessing services that work for you and act as an advocate for you.





Social Prescribing: There’s another way to help you feel better

What is social prescribing?

We know that many of life’s problems can make us feel unwell. Improving your lifestyle or taking control of a practical problem can be very challenging and people often feel daunted at the prospect of change and don’t always know where to start.

Social prescribing link workers help give you the confidence, encouragement and support you need to make and sustain changes that will help you to feel better in yourself.

Our Social Prescribing Link Workers, are here to help and support you to look after your health and wellbeing. Part of a team working across East Warrington PCN

Who would benefit?

You could benefit from social prescribing if:

You are feeling low, isolated, anxious, stressed or depressed

You have a practical problem and you don’t know how to deal with it (housing, money, welfare, access to food or prescriptions)

Simply speak to any staff within the practice

Let them know that you’d like help with the issues mentioned above

They will put you in contact with Jayne ,who will make an appointment at a time and date that is convenient for you to:

Discuss your problems or concerns

Explore what is important to you

Agree your goals

Find local services and support and help you to access them