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Meet the team – Service Providers


Cameron Woodward – Social Prescribing Link Worker

Social prescribing means that you can get specialist support for more than just medical issues. A social prescriber will help you have more control over your health and will focus on what matters to you most. They can support you in accessing services that work for you and act as an advocate for you.












Dionne Fahy – Frailty Care coordinator

A frailty Care Coordinator holistically supports patients with mild to severe frailty within the community. They collaborate with patients to create a patient-centred care plan and provide access to support services within the local area that are most appropriate for you.












Abbie Flanagan – Health and wellbeing coach

Health coaches aim to help you to improve your health and happiness in the long term by empowering you to set goals from looking at what matters most to you.










Susan Byrne – Mental Health Practitioner

A Mental Health practitioner works alongside GP’s to provide an assessment of Mental Health and signpost to appropriate services.

I am based in East Warrington’s GP surgeries to support people with Mental Health needs and act as a ‘bridge’ between primary care and specialist Mental Health services.