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Self-care medicines

Self-care medicines patients in Warrington


The medicines in phase two now join the medicines outlined in phase one’s consultation, meaning that unless there is an exceptional circumstance or a patient has a long-term condition patients will need to buy these medicines over the counter:


– Pain killers for minor aches and pains                                      – Tonics, vitamins and health supplements

– Ear wax removers                                                              – Lozenges, throat sprays, mouthwashes, gargles & toothpastes

– Indigestion remedies for occasional use                         – Creams for bruising, tattoos, and scars

– Hair removal creams                                                          – Moisturisers and bath additives for dry skin

– Sun creams                                                                         – Foods and food supplements

– Pain relief cream/ointment for short-term                         – Oral antihistamines for hay fever

– Decongestant nasal sprays and tablets                           – Teething gels

– Vaginal moisturisers (eg. lubricant gels and creams)     – Warts and verrucae paints

– Heparinoid gel/cream                                                         – Antiperspirants

– Antifungal treatments (for example for athletes foot)      – Treatments for bites and stings

– Treatments for cold sores                                                  – Antibacterial eye drops

– Treatment for diarrhoea                                                     – Head lice treatments

– Treatments for infant colic                                                – Creams/ointments for nappy rash

– Threadworm treatments                                                     – Vaginal thrush

– Haemorrhoids treatment                                                    – Cough preparations

– Eye care products (for example blepharitis wipes)                   – Probiotics

– Treatments for mild acne                                                   – Dandruff and cradle cap treatments

– Baby milks (unless a clinical need for a specialist milk)