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Our Receptionists are all trained Patient Advisors.

As part of our team, they have been trained to ask certain questions in order to ensure that you receive:

  • The most appropriate clinical care
  • From the most appropriate clinician/health care professional
  • At the most appropriate time

Patient Advisors are asked to collect brief information from patients:

  • To help clinician’s to prioritise their workload
  • To ensure that all patients receive the appropriate level of care
  • To direct patients to see an Advanced Nurse Practitioner or health care professional
  • To help to direct patient to where they can find advice to self-manage their problem – ie local pharmacy or NHS choices/Self-care forum/My Life Warrington

If you have an emergency that can’t wait this will be passed to the Doctor who is on call who will assess the emergency (Please note: this may not be your usual GP). They are also on call for home visits.

Please note it is vital that the Doctor is given accurate details of your symptoms and the receptionist will ask for this information. This ensures he/she can prioritise those patients who need to be seen immediately because they have serious symptoms.

If a GP locum asks you to book a follow up appointment within a specified time frame you will be given a slip to hand in at reception.

The following points merit special mention:

  • When you arrive for your appointment the practice uses an automatic booking-in system that reduces the waiting time to book in. Please endeavour to use this simple system but in any case of difficulty there is always a receptionist available at the counter.
  • An appointment is for the patient for whom it was made and for that person alone. It is not appropriate to request an impromptu consultation for others who may have accompanied you to your appointment.
  • Punctuality is of the utmost importance. Please make every effort to attend at the appointment time as this facilitates the smooth running of the surgery for all concerned. The doctors will endeavour to ensure that you are seen at (or as close as possible to) the appointment time. Sometimes you may be seen slightly later than arranged, as the enormous variety of problems presenting to a doctor is unpredictable and is not always amenable to a strict timetable. However, you should note that if you are late the doctor may not be able to see you and you will be asked to rebook your appointment.

Appointments available at the practice are as follows:

Urgent Appointments:

These appointments are reserved for emergencies and are bookable on the day.  Urgent appointments are triaged.

Pre-bookable appointments:

Pre-bookable appointments are available to book  up to 2 weeks ahead.  This is designed to help patients plan routine appointments around their personal/working schedules.

Extended Hours appointments:

Extended hours appointments are available on a Tuesday morning 06.15am – 07.45am


If you find that you will not be able to attend for your appointment, you should make sure that you inform the surgery. Please try to do this with more than one hour’s notice. If you do so, your appointment can be given to someone else. Patients who do not attend cost the practice about 50 appointments per week; that equates to three doctors’ surgeries each week.

Training Practice

We would like to make our patients aware that Padgate Medical Centre is a training practice and at times there may be a trainee present during your consultation.  If you do not wish to have a trainee present during your consultation please inform our reception team.

Did you know…?

  • The NHS belongs to all of us – help us to keep it working smoothly by turning up for appointments
  • Every time you see a GP it costs the NHS £43, on average, for a 12-minute consultation
  • A visit to Accident and Emergency costs £112

Do remember that an appointment is for one patient only. If you cannot keep your appointment, please let the reception staff know – we are a busy practice and someone else will always want to take advantage of your cancellation.

If you have a lot to discuss with the doctor, please advise the reception staff who can give you a longer appointment, thus avoiding delays for other patients.

Although you register with one of the doctors by name, you can, by choice, consult any of the doctors provided that there is an appointment available. All consultations are by appointment. Normally, the receptionist will offer you the next available appointment but please let her know if you feel the problem is urgent.

Please let us know when you arrive at the surgery for your appointment. A self check-in machine has now been installed for your convenience. It is extremely easy to use – just follow the instructions on the screen.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you may be asked to rebook.

If you require a chaperone during your appointment, please inform the receptionist.

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Patient Participation Group

Friends & Family Test

  • We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service.

Tell us your comments on E-consult

  • How likely are you to recommend E-consult Online service to friends and family if they need similar care or advice?
  • Were you contacted by the practice about your E-consult request in the stated timeline?
  • How did you hear about the E-Consult service?
  • Do you feel your query was resolved?
  • How do you rate the service?
  • Were you offered E-consult when you contacted the surgery?

Patient Survey 2020 How are we doing

  • Padgate Medical Centre

    Dear Patient, We are asking patients to fill in this survey so we can monitor if changes we have made in delivery of services has helped them in accessing care or advice from the surgery. Thank you for taking time to respond. The Partners and Team.
  • Approximately how often have you been to the surgery in the last year?
  • We provide a text messaging service to help us to contact you for recalls, appointments, reminders. Do you feel that this has helped in receiving information in a timely manner?
  • When you have contacted us by the telephone, have you been satisfied with the advice you have been given when you have phoned to make an appointment?
  • We have introduced EConsult in October 2019. EConsult is an on-line consultation software accessed through the Practice website. Do you feel that it is becoming easier to make contact and to get appropriate advice?
  • When you have seen a GP, have you felt supported and been involved in the health care decisions?
  • When you have seen a member of our Nursing Team, have you felt supported and been involved in the health care decisions?
  • From March 2017, repeat prescriptions can no longer be ordered by the community Pharmacist. Orders can be taken via email, post, or box in reception. Do you feel supported in managing your medication?
  • What is it about the surgery that would lead you to recommend it to friends or other members of your family?
  • So that we can make better use of this survey, it helps us to know your age


  • Monday
    08:00 - 18:30
  • Tuesday
    08:00 - 18:30
  • Wednesday
    08:00 - 18:30 (Due to the current situation with COVID 19 our extended hours service has been suspended. This will be reviewed on a regular basis)
  • Thursday
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  • Friday
    08:00 - 18:30
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


  • Monday
    08:00 - 17.30 Temporarily Suspended
  • Tuesday
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  • Wednesday
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  • Thursday
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  • Saturday
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