Padgate Medical Centre

Padgate Medical Centre, 12 Station Road South, Padgate, Warrington

Telephone: 01925 815333

Sorry, we're closed


We have a new online consultation service called PATCHS.



Please view the video which will provided instructions of how to use the service.

Please register for the service. Click on the link below to register.


Contacting using PATCHS instead of by telephone has a number of advantages for you including:

  • Getting help quicker from a GP (within in an hour or so without the need for an appointment).
  • No queuing on the telephone.
  • Ability to submit requests any time day or night (though we can only respond during our opening hours).
  • Doing everything on there,  consultations, sick notes, checking results etc. Though you shouldn’t use it for emergencies.
  • Submitting requests on behalf of someone you care for.
  • If the doctor or nurse decides you need an appointment, they will see you ASAP (usually on the same day).


Using PATCHS also has advantages for us including:

  • Seeing what your request is up front in writing helps us plan our work better.
  • Freeing up the telephone for people that cannot use PATCHS e.g. those with emergency problems or if they cannot physically use the internet.
  • Helping us save face-to-face and telephone appointments for patients that really need them.
  • Helps us reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus to other patients and our staff.